Dimitris Sideris

Nickname: Sideris

My name is Dimitris “Sideris” Sideris and I was born in 2004. 


Since my early childhood, I was playing video games with my father. Since the age of 4 years old and as about Competitive section, I am in this area since the age of 12. The Fortnite for me was a chilling out - having fun with friends as it was the must game the period that it came out. 


After that the Competitive spirit grow up as I was already a quite good player. So, I started playing Competitive Fortnite since season 5. 


Personally, I like playing everyday Scrims. As about NLG, it’s a team that has supported me a lot the last years. It’s the team that helped the most compared to other teams. That’s why my goal is to succeed in Tournament so I can make them proud, as well as my shelf. 

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