Anastasios Alafouzos

Nickname: Alafou

My name is Anastatsios “Alafou” Alafouzos and I was born in 2003 and I am the founder of NLGesports


My Fortnite career started when I was watching streamers on YouTube. That time, I never thought that this could be such a great opportunity to make some new friends. After that, I realized that I was interested in competitive, since I had great scores on trios FNCS and on Winter Royal.


That was the reason why I also started my own streams. 


As about the NLG Team, in the beginning everything started as a joke, but I saw that it had great perspectives and since then the idea of a good team was more serious than ever before. 


Nowadays, with the support of NLG Players, my friends and our Content Creators, we are in a very good gaming level. We hope that our future goals will come true. 

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